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Personal Training

1 on 1 services with an educated fitness professional that possesses the skills and knowledge to design safe and effective training programs that will help you acheive your goals.

Youth Sports Training

We create strength & conditioning programs for all sports that increase athletic ability, speed, agility and quickness. Are programs are made to keep the athlete free from injuries.

Strength & Conditioning

Our strength training sessions are designed to increase the development of muscle strength and endurance. Focusing on all functional multi joint movements.

What makes us different?

When someone actually decides to find the right gym or trainer there’s always that feeling of self-consciousness. Is this worth it? Does my trainer really care? Yes we are here  to help you over achieve whatever goals you may have for yourself. RavaFit has highly qualified fitness professionals that tailor your specific needs to training.

The mission of RavaFit is to provide a well balanced functional training program that enhances performance while reducing the likelihood of Injury. Our goal is to Maximize our clients full potential during each training session.

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Attention fans and all local athletes!!! We will be at the FIT4U Fitness & Health Expo presented by Clean Eatz!!!! This is your chance to train with the #SasquatchSquad! FOR THIS ONE DAY ONLY we will be waiving registration fees and each new member that signs up will receive a FREE shirt (while supplies last)Like, Share, and Comment.
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⚡The "Speed" Ladder...Really?⚡⁠
⚡I get asked often via email, DM, and Instagram Live about tools we should use as parents to help our kids get faster. One of these tools is the "speed" ladder.⁠
⚡This piece of equipment is really good for two-things:⁠
1️⃣ Posting sexy drills on Instagram.⁠
2️⃣ Throwing in the trash.⁠
⚡Ralph Mann's research has shown that 70-80% of top speed is achieved by 10m (if you're really fast, then 20m), that doesn't happen by taking short, choppy steps that go nowhere fast!⁠
⚡With that in mind, I have NO idea how it got the name, "speed" ladder since it inhibits our kids' ability to "get there first" - not to mention, sport is chaotic, we don't need our kids brains pre-programmed to little squares on the ground only to see them suffer on game day when things aren't laid nice and neat at their feet.⁠
⚡It's only saving grace could be a fun drill to promote ankle elasticity, but I'd like to think we don't need to spend $50 or more when we could get the same response using our imagine and a grass field.⁠
⚡If you're a parent of a 12-18 year old athlete and want to work together, here are a couple ways we can proceed when you're ready:⁠
1️⃣ Downloadable program for Acceleration, (LINK IN BIO).⁠
2️⃣ Remote Coaching tailored to your son/daughter's needs. #ravafit #generatingresults
  • Available for 2020-2023 Graduates hit us up for the link to register! Great opportunity for High School Football Players. #ravafit #generatingresults #jacksonvillenc @nchsaa @ncprepsdk #strength #speed #agility #fitness
  • TBT -  2019 has been one hell of a ride! I am looking forward to continue helping Athletes in Onslow discover their true athletic potential and gain advantage over the competition! #ravafit #generatingresults #athlete #sport #grind #fitness #goals #d1bound #ncaa #college #highschool #football #jacksonvillenc #tbt
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ONLY 35 SPOTS LEFT!  Late registration is now open. Save $10 off the walkup rate and guarantee your spot.  Register HERE: https://guestli.st/632226 #ravafit #generatingresults

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